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In Denver, Colorado, Daryl Heatherly is a promising young artist, hoping to find the place she fits in. Back home in the country just outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming-the real West-she’s returning to the last place her family all lived together, to a life bordered only by sage and sky. And it’s there that she rubs up against J.W. Jarrett, a World Champion rodeo cowboy and old-school Southern gentleman. Against her own better judgment-not to mention that of best friend Shawna and over-protective brother, Jace-Daryl forges ahead despite her own recent heartbreak, not only dating J.W. but accepting his invitation to join him on the rodeo circuit to watch him ride. Though the chemistry between them is immediate and undeniable, Daryl is determined not to fall for a cowboy, with all the dust and drama that implies-especially when she finds out that J.W. is a man with secrets. But Daryl hasn’t counted on the grit of a man who has outlasted every other rider in the ring-her cowboy isn’t going to give up that easily…

A love story set in the world of honky-tonks, buckle bunnies, and pointy-toed boots, TRY is a fresh, fast, sensually charged novel about holding on to what you love despite all of the bumps and bruises, from a gifted new voice in fiction.

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